Become a Safe Space™ Affiliate

Join our affiliate program and help even more people take charge of their mental health.

What is it?

We offer a very attractive commission plan to help you earn extra income as a Safe Space™ affiliate partner. The only thing you have to do is refer clients to Safe Space, and we'll handle the rest. 

How does it work?

Our affiliate program lets you earn money by referring clients. We'll pay you a commission for every person you introduce.

  • Unique affiliate link. When someone uses your link to create an account with Safe Space, our partner information is added to their profile.
  • Quick payout. Payments are made in Singapore dollars every month to affiliates via a variety of methods. 
  • No earnings cap. You can earn whatever you want while helping people reach their goals of mental wellness.
  • Long term partnership. Becoming an affiliate partner in Safe Space requires that you adhere to our affiliate guidelines (available here).

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